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The beef cattle breeding management

RFID: RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a non-contact automatic identification technology. It can recognize the target automatically and access relevant data through radio frequency signal. The identify work can be done without human intervention and can work in various harsh environment. RFID technology can identify the high-speed moving objects and multiple tags and the reading distance can be up to a few centimeters to several meters. According to the read-write mode, we can imput thousands of bytes of information, at the same time, it has high security. The most basic RFID system consists of three parts:

Tag: Made up by coupled device and chip, each tag has a unique electronic code, adhering to the object to identify the target; Reader: an equipment to read (sometimes can also write) tag information, can be designed as hand-held or stationary; Antenna: transmit RF signal between tags and reader.

The tags using RFID technique is commonly known as electronic tag. Compared with the now widely-used bar code technology, RFID tag has the advantage of waterproof, antimagnetic, high temperature resistance, long service lifetime and long reading distance besides that it can work without manual operation. In addition, due to the data encryption, large data storage capacity and the revisable stored information of electronic tag, it is more extensively applied and more convenient to use than the bar code. In the pork safety traceability application, RFID electronic tag can bring more convenience, secure and transparent use.

RFID system shows a detailed and unique supply chain for each product by providing separate identity and transportation history, thereby to achieve the goal of tracking and tracing. At present, some countries adopt a combination of the RFID and bar code to trace the production and sales of meat products. The specific scheme is: in animal feeding stage, they use RFID chip to track, and when the animals are slaughtered and sold, they use bar code on the package. In animal growth stages, as bar code may be lost or damaged in animal activity, they use RFID instead of bar code. In case of any quality problems during sales process of meat, we can realize the overall tracking and supervision according to the bar code on the package.
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